Snipes, that was not a nice thing to do…


I finally finished animating my V-Day pic-set!
This was my first go at animating in SFM..and I think the people following me will know that it was not fun (I’m sorry for complaining). But I learned a lot.. and I’m sure I’ll be doing a lot smaller projects/videos in the future. 

Regarding the last gif: as much as I love SniperSpy and love seeing them all cute with each other (OTP!), I, myself, have major issues portraying them OOC? And since that V-Day set was the probably most disgustingly cutest thing I’ve ever done, I thought I could make them a bit more in-character in my animation. 8D 

All of the clips can be found in this video (non-edited)




Alright. I think I like TF2
I have only two issues
1. Mouse :/
2. There is no tutorial for sniper and I think I didn’t figure out much. How the hell so I zoom? There is no tutorial GDI.

Have you tried clicking the right button?

That already has been suggested to me and next time I’ll play I’ll check it out. Thanks tho :)